Are kids more intelligent today than ever before?

Kids these days often start school with the basics of reading, writing and maths well and truly under their belt. They are also techno wizzes, usually having a better grasp of technology than many adults. But how has this happened? Is it our healthier lifestyles, access to modern medicines  or early childhood education? I’d say it’s a combination of everything and more.

To my mind one of the big factors in primary school kids being super switched on today comes down to the amazing access to virtually unlimited resources today. With the advent of the internet, has come easy online information sourcing and access to excellent maths resources and fun ideas for maths activities. Think about it as moving from what was once available in the local library to accessing book shelves that extend forever around the world.

A large part of today’s kids intelligence is also due to the way subjects are taught at schools. There has been a seismic shift away from rote learning and memorisation to more problem based learning. This particularly relates to maths teaching plans and the way kids are taught to develop strong addition mental strategies and multiplication mental strategies to be able to work on maths problem solving autonomously. If you are a teacher looking for new ideas for your maths lesson plans, look no further than alearningplaceateachingplace for a host of great resources and instructional videos. Search by concept or by grade to make your lessons fun and engaging and have the kids getting a deep understanding.

We are also valuing the contribution of children more these days. Gone are the days where kids should not speak unless spoken to. Children in most parts of the world are today free to do pretty much whatever they set their minds to as parents and teachers encourage them to pursue their dreams whatever they may be.